Get On The Responsible Mining Map!


The Responsible Mining Map shows leaders in the field. It allows companies and organizations to highlight their interests and needs, and increases transparency in mine site performance. As interests, needs and performance change, companies/organizations can update their Map information.

IRMA welcomes companies and organisations to join the Responsible Mining Map. Ideal participants include mining companies, those that purchase mined materials directly or indirectly, NGOs and not-for-profit organizations addressing mining related issues, organized labor groups and representatives of mining affected communities. IRMA also welcomes academic institutions, governments, the financial sector, consultants and others.

Some entities participating in the Responsible Mining Map are required to pay a fee according to the following 2019 map fee schedule* :

  • Free for IRMA Members from any sector
  • Free for civil society organizations (e.g., not-for-profit organizations, affected communities, organized labor)
  • $750 for private sector companies (e.g., mining or purchasing companies, services providers/consultants)that have an annual budget/revenue under $1 billion
  • $2,500 for private sector companies with revenues of $1-10 billion
  • $10,000 for private sector companies with revenues > $10 billion