World Bank and Pact to launch Delve, an artisanal mining database


A report from the World Bank and non-profit organisation Pact has revealed the extent of a “global data gap” in the artisanal and small-scale mining sector, and sets out to create an artisanal mining database to better collect information on one of the mining industry’s most hazardous sectors.

The report, ‘State of the Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Sector’ , aims to create a “global platform” to collect data on the small-scale mining sector, known as Delve. The open-source database will collect data from existing reports into the sector, and “Delve collaborator contributions”. This combined data will then be presented in both its raw form and in graphical form, enabling users to upload their own work to the records. Delve will also feature a directory of industry experts to help in understanding the data collected.

“ASM is perhaps the only sector where practitioners and policy makers alike need better access to complete, accurate, and reliable data,” reads the report’s introduction. “Without this, the mission to make ASM understood to a general audience is simply too overwhelming to consider.

“Today, the ASM sector faces a wide-ranging global data gap. This gap is defined by the near total absence of national and subnational baseline exercises that collect qualitative and/or quantitative data, and the corresponding lack of data shared collectively in the public domain.”…